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Cooking or simply making your delicacy is one task that one can consider a sweet one. Undoubtedly,cooking saves one the many dangers associated with food, (food poison) emanating from some unhygienic practices by some food handlers.

Hygiene and cleanliness are very important aspect of cooking. This is because it protects both food consumers and handlers alike from food poison outbreak. This is even more reason one should be very careful what one eats, and if possible, make it, where and when one can.

Every year, thousands of people suffer from food-borne illnesses, usually involving severe diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach cramp. This is the resultant effect of the consumption of contaminated or poisoned food. Due to the fact that such cases are not generally reported, except only on severe outbreak, it is difficult to find a figure and statistics on the number of cases of food poison.

Food poison can be devastating, depending on who the victim is, especially the frail. In most cases, the effect on the elderly and the babies are, to say the least, very fatal.

It seems, rather too sad though, that few people know about the principles and practices of health and hygiene and even fewer are aware of the laws relating to transporting, handling and storage of food for public consumption, hence, the lack of practical, applied knowledge in this regard. Sincerely, if I may advice, if you must cook your food, as I will suggest you do, take time to follow the hygienic tips below:

Be sure to;

– Wash off dirt from body, hands and face.

– Wear clean, protective clothing.

– Leave outdoor clothing in another room.

– Put hair in net, trim beards and wear a hat.


– Touching your nose, eyes and lips.

– Fiddling your hair.

– Licking your fingers.

– Biting your nails.

Otherwise, you are in real danger of contaminating the food you are cooking and I wonder how many of your family members and friends will thank you for that.

And so, remember to wash your hands after:

– Going to the toilet (wash with the toilet basin and not the kitchen basin)

– A break in the rest room.

– Touching your face or hair

– Sneezing, coughing, and blowing your nose.

– Touching dirty surface, utensils and cleaning duties.

– Handling raw food, wastes and refuses.

– Smoking.


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