How to Know an Expired or Rotten Liqueur

Enjoying the savor of a smoothly blended liqueur can be so satisfying and lead to wanting more – moderation shouldn’t be thrown to the wind, by the way. However, this pleasantness may be off the radar when one encounters an expired liqueur. Top producers like 2XL Swagger Brands will typically have the expiry date of their products, and by this, you can easily decipher the state of the liqueur before you. But what happens if it’s a bottle or glass of liqueur that you do not have access to the information on the expiry date? How do you know whether or not it is still acceptable to drink? You need to understand that once opened, you can look to enjoy the bottle of liqueur for about one year. Nonetheless, the ingredients used in making the liqueur may also influence how long it will last. For instance, advocaat – a Dutch liqueur – may not last more than seven days.

Signs of an Expired Liqueur

Let’s get into the main focus for which this piece was put together – ways of identifying an expired or sour liqueur.

Loss of Color

A liqueur that has gone past its prime will sometimes look pale, highlighting the loss of color.  You may also realize a complete change of color – provided you know what it looks like beforehand.


Consistency relates to how the liqueur can remain stable over time. When the drink has expired, it will lose its consistency. This means that the texture of the liqueur has been compromised. For example, a cream liqueur could become congealed. In some other cases, the liqueur may appear diluted.

Loss of Aroma

Another sign to watch out for when trying to decipher if a liqueur has expired or gone wrong is the loss of aroma. The flavor would have lost its integrity, and you might, most likely, be left with an unpleasant-smelling liqueur.

Change of Taste

Lastly, you can get to sip the liqueur to note how it tastes. Having a little of it in your mouth should not cause any physical issues. An expired liqueur will, more often than not, an expired liqueur will taste bad – although this may not be so obvious at the onset [of its expiration].

Preserving Your Liqueur

Like every other perishable consumable, liqueur going wrong is not something that should not be expected. However, there are occasions where the spoilage can be accelerated due to the elements you subject the drink to. Against this background, you will have to take specific measures to preserve what you have, even as you should attempt to finish it within the set expiry date – within one or two years.

Keep the Bottle Tightly Sealed

You should ensure that the bottle or container with your liqueur is always tightly sealed to prevent it from evaporating. More so, this is important for sustaining the quality of the drink.

Store the Liqueur in a Cool, Dark Area

You do not have to store your liqueur in the refrigerator necessarily. You should just ensure that it does not get directly exposed to the sun as this could cause it to lose color and even taste. So, you should have it stored in a calm and dark place – storing the liqueur at room temperature should suffice.