Professional Crepe Makers

Whether sweet crepes or savory galletes, the cooking process requires the best tools for quality outcomes. Crepes are all the rage and bring a difference to your menu.

 Professional crepe makers are top in making buckwheat, sweet crepes, pancakes, Indian tempura, blini, and Indonesian chapattis. Gas or electrical crepe makers roller grill offers crepe machines that come in varieties. So, read on to find the best professional crepe makers:

Roller Grill 400 CFG

Designed for outdoor activities, roller grill 400 CFG is simple and cooks perfectly. The machine has a design to ensure no heat loss around the frame of the tool. Heat loss reduction is possible through a burner that’s star-shaped with eight branches for even heat distribution.

Do you want to have tasty golden pancakes? Roller grill 400 CFG has got you covered. It has an enameled cast iron plate ideal for cooking luscious golden pancakes and an output of about 60 crepes. Apart from the iron shed, the machine is of stainless steel. More so, the professional crepe maker uses propane gas with a temperature of 0°C to 300°C. It’s a single gas crepe like the roller grill 400 CFG TH and CFE 400.

Roller Grill CDG 350

Are you looking for a perfect and consistent temperature crepe maker? Rollers grill CDG 350 it is. The machine has both gas and electricity heat transfer systems convenient for you. Like the 400 CFG, CDG 350 also has a cast iron plate with eight star-shaped burners for even heat distribution.

Other features of the roller grill 350 include:

  • 350mm enameled cast iron plate. It lessens the seasoning period. The prolonged seasoning phase is necessary before initial use and renewed every week.
  • A smooth cast-iron plate for even temperature transfer resulting in perfect cooking.
  • Spiral heating elements.
  • Double gas professional crepe maker likes the CDG 400, crepe maker.

Try out the roller grill CDG 350 for easy cooking.

Roller Grill CVE 400 Glass Ceramic Machine

Made for takeaways in sports complexes and stands, the glass-ceramic CVE 400 is best for fast foods. It’s a professional crepe maker that warms pre-cooked crepes. For instance, during sports activities, crepes are made. And when it’s rush hours, the glass-ceramic machine is used to preheat. The tool preheats two crepes at once for about 15 seconds. So, you can have about 480 pancakes done in an hour. Here are other benefits of the professional crepe maker:

  • The electric crepe maker has a glass-ceramic hob for an ultra-fast rise in temperature within few seconds.
  • The crepe has uniformed temperature on the whole surface with low heat.
  • It has an effortless cleaning with a non-abrasive sponge on a glass-ceramic hob.

From single to double electric and gas professional crepe makers, roller grills will sort you out. Ensure you have the right tools to make delicious French touchstones to enjoy your meal. With various power typestyles and cooking surfaces, you’ll have the best varieties to select. Try out roller grill options today for professional crepe makers.