Can You Eat Gummy Bears Every Single Day?

Gummy bears are the most adorable and lovable candies that has picked a great demand in the market today. These come in candy form and are used for various purposes from post workout snack to multi-vitamin dose. Kids love the idea of chewing these on a regular basis. Lots of varieties are available in the bulk gummy bears option online.

The question of whether these can be consumed on a daily basis may roll in many minds and many times. It is not possible to convince kids for switching to a routine health tablet as they are fussy and picky eaters.

Can you eat gummy bears every single day?

The answer to this can be given by explaining both the good and bad sides of these candies. The reasons these are called are candies is because the tablets come in candy shaped and candy form. After all, why should ever medicine look like a medicine?

Good side of gummy bears:

  • One of the reasons people love the idea of bring a packet of bulk gummy bear at home is because these are sweet treat for kids in a healthy form. It contains doses of vitamins that your child may otherwise be missing.
  • Chewing delicious multi-vitamins is way better than swallowing a big pill of vitamin. Even the adults hate the idea of gulping those awful colourless tablets every day.
  • The flavours are so many to choose from that every day you taste something new with the same health benefits.

Bad side of gummy bears:

  • Consuming more than the required gummies just because of its taste could be a bad option. Instead of good health, you will promote bad health.
  • Gummy bears are not tested at labs or passed by the Food and Drug administrators, so be careful of what you choose online.
  • The sugar intake can be bad for your gums and teeth, especially for kids who have poor brushing habits. The parents have to make sure that they instruct their kids well to wash their mouth so that no sticky particles of the gummy are stuck to their gums or tooth.

Interested to buy a bulk gummy bear? Find out more on the web.


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