Discover the Flavor of Vietnamese Food.

Trying a New Cuisine Can be a Welcome Change.

Eating delicious, well-presented food in a restaurant, without the sweat of prepping, cooking, and serving is enjoyed by everyone. Additionally, you get to spend quality time with your loved ones while enjoying your favorite food and drinks.

Whether it is a birthday dinner, a graduation celebration, or a romantic dinner, visiting a good restaurant is the best way to celebrate life’s little memorable moments. Moreover, as there are a variety of different cuisines to try, eating out gives you an opportunity to try new cuisines and build up your palate in a fun way. One very popular cuisine that everyone must try is Vietnamese cuisine, which is not only delicious but also healthy.

Vietnamese cuisine is one of its kind, which has a distinct flavor and focuses on more than one fundamental of taste. Most of the dishes are cooked with fresh ingredients and combine a lot of herbs and spices with noodles, rice, vegetables, seafood, and meat. Pho, is a highly popular noodle soup, that is served with either, beef, chicken, or beef, which are cooked to perfection. Moreover, you can flavor it using different herbs and spices, suiting your personal taste. Some Vietnamese restaurants serve a vegetarian Pho option, with mixed mushrooms instead of meat.

Another traditional dish that you will find on every Vietnamese menu, is spring rolls and rice paper rolls. These are stuffed with different options of meat or vegetables for vegetarians and are often accompanied with a complimenting sauce for additional taste and flavor.

Enjoy Scrumptious Vietnamese Food at Hanoi Hannah.

If you are eager to try Pho, and search for the ‘best Pho near me’, you will surely come across Hanoi Hannah Vol. II, a well-known Vietnamese restaurant in Melbourne. Their beef, chicken, and mixed mushroom Pho are outstanding, along with their fried chicken and lime + pepper squid. Other options such as their chargrilled chicken rice paper rolls, Prawn spring rolls, etc. are relished by most people, trying these mouth-watering dishes. Additionally, you will also find some vegan options on the menu. The presentation of food there is highly appealing and attractive.

The menu at Hanoi Hannah Vol. II, is easy to understand, as all key ingredients are listed under each dish, making it easier to choose according to your preference. Moreover, their serving staff is more than happy to help you place your order. If you are a foodie, and your meal is not complete without a dessert, you will love their tofu chocolate mousse, as well as their caramelized pineapple parfait. The atmosphere there is fun and cheerful, because of the variety of cocktails, wines and other drinks served there. The entire menu, though refined is very affordable. The staff as Hanoi Hannah Vol. II follows proper cleaning and sanitizing protocol and physical distancing to ensure safety.

Enjoy a delicious night at Hanoi Hannah Vol. II with your loved ones. Order their delicious Pho or utilize their Take away service, to enjoy scrumptious Vietnamese food.


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