Foodie 101: Best Dishes To Try At Asian Restaurants In Snohomish County!

Southeast Asian cuisine is tempting & diverse, and almost every country has its own distinct flavor. It’s not surprising that Asian restaurants have cropped up in almost every part of the US. Washington has some great fine-dining & authentic places that are worth exploring. If you are visiting an Asian restaurant in Snohomish County, we recommend that you try some of these dishes.


This classic Japanese dish comes in a number of flavors, varieties and options. Both maki and nigiri sushi are equally famed and loved. If you are a fan of rice, try the latter, but don’t miss on the tuna option, which is easily the best.

Fried rice

Asian fried rice options can be really diverse. The Chinese version usually includes lots of veggies tossed in soy and other selected sauces, and the meat can be of your choice. Both shrimp and BBQ pork work well, but if you are looking for subtle flavors, try the basic chicken fried rice.

Rice noodles

Asians love noodles, and this remains one of the most go-to foods in local areas. You can go for rice noodles, which taste unique and are often tossed with veggies like boy choy. The flavors depend largely on the sauce being used, and most Asian restaurants in Seattle and around have their own house specialties.

Sweet And Sour Pork

If you are a fan of pork, you wouldn’t regret ordering this one. Sweet & Sour Pork includes a special mix of sauces, includes fresh veggies and bell peppers and is not spicy at all. Restaurants may or may not serve with steamed rice, so ask in advance, but this also goes really well with the fried rice that we previously mentioned.

BBQ duck

One of the best options in Asian food, BBQ duck is all about crisp whole duck that has been marinated and slow cooked for hours, but with sauces that are typical to the local area. You will get to choose between sizes at most restaurants, and if you want an alternative that’s more fun, go for pecking duck.

Stir-Fried Mixed Vegetables

For vegetarians, stir-fried mixed vegetables is a great choice. The veggies, which may include bell peppers, mushrooms, boy choy, carrots, and zucchini, are cooked at a high flame for a limited time, with a touch of soy & and other sauces.

Asian restaurants in Seattle can be found in casino resorts and selected places, so check the menu and plan your next authentic dinner.


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