Pie Iron- Amazing Campfire Cookware 

Suppose the wild hills beckon you an itch to leave the comfort of home to take a voyage in the nature and lit a campfire in star-studded night. If you want to cook some special cuisine that can only be savored in hills, you need to add some special equipment to the assortment of campfire kitchens. There is a wide spectrum of campfire cooking equipment available on the market. Suppose you love cooking in open fire and sky while camping; add a pie iron to your outdoor cooking kit. It is versatile cooking equipment crafted from cast iron, high heat, and pressure-resistant. It would be rust-free for a long time if you maintained it properly.

Seasoned and non-stick

It is seasoned, non-stick cooking equipment using innovative technology. The metal press comes in various shapes and sizes but offers the same functionality making delicious warm toasted sandwiches and pies. The larger size pie iron is better as it accommodates more food. The grill grid along the iron side makes it a Panini press that can be used to cook grilled meat, cheese, bread rolls, and tortillas.

Sandwiches cooked with a pie iron are known as mountain pie, jaffles, hobo, or pudgy pies. Best quality pie iron is crafted from cast iron which is sturdy and heat resistant. A premium quality pie iron comes with a long hold and with a heatproof grip so you can toss the food while cooking. A clasp in the handle allows you to lock the iron.

Seasoning process 

To season the iron pie, wash off any wax attached, then heat oil for fifteen minutes in medium to high flame. Clean it and repeat the procedure. After the second seasoning, cleans it like other cast iron cookware. Cooking in a pie iron is easy, and the easiest cuisine is a sandwich with your preferred filling and bread. Put ample butter or cheese on both sides and cook it for three to five minutes until it is warmed thoroughly and toasted. But watch while cooking as the campfire burn differently depending on the wood and wind direction. Instead of butter, you can use cooking spray for additional colour and flavor.

Most welcoming beverage 

On a cold winter morning in nature, aromatic hot coffee is more welcoming than a beverage in bed at home. The steam and smell of freshly brewed coffee make the morning more charming. For camping, choose a percolator made of resilient material that can withstand the heat of a campfire. Enamel-coated steel percolator is best to make a brewing coffee at the campfire. Buy a coffee mug that compliments the percolator.


A skillet made of cast iron is one of the best campfire cookware. It is not only heat resistant but lasts forever; you can place the skillet on the smoldering coal to cook a delicious meal. You can make fresh pancakes for breakfast and smoked fish for dinner in the skillet. Six to twelve inches skillets are most preferred by hikers, though different sizes are available. Premium quality skillets are a great addition to outdoor cookware, and you can clean them without soap. You can put all this equipment including Pie iron in a travel bag, which is featherweight and waterproof.


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