What Are Appetizers?

Appetizers can be finger foods that are served before or between meals. They are also known as appetizers, antipasti, or starters. They can be very simple or very complicated depending on what occasion they are being made and how much time it takes to make them. Aperitifs and cocktails are often accompanied by appetizers.

Add meat to crackers

Appetizers can be anything from a simple platter of cheese and crackers to a plate with chopped vegetables (called crudites), served with dip or small slices of fruit. Canapes and finger sandwiches, crab cakes, or crab puffs are all popular options. It is important that the food can be handled with a napkin and eaten in just one or two bites. So guests can still visit, dance, chat, or mingle while not being weighed down by their plates.

Appetizers, starters, and hors-d’oeuvres are finger foods that are usually served before an entree.

People should consider what foods will pair well with each other, yet have different flavors and appeal when choosing appetizers. A host might like to offer grilled jumbo shrimp. Although this is a wonderful choice, some guests might be allergic to shellfish or seafood. The host should also consider other food options, such as stuffed mushroom caps, nice cheese plates, and easily-handled fruits and vegetables.

At full-course restaurants, appetizers and starters are often paired with a main course.

Starters are often served at large parties so cooks should make sure that common allergens can be easily identified or removed from the menu. If a shellfish appetizer is being served, it should not be disguised. It should also not come in contact with any other food. They should avoid common allergens such as peanuts and ensure that they are served in separate dishes or bowls.

Antipasti platters and similar snacks are acceptable as appetizers.

While it is acceptable for hosts to offer both hot and cold food, it is perfectly acceptable to provide all of them. If guests are unable to wait for a meal or have to stay up late to eat, they should consider hot food as it is more filling and will help to curb hunger pangs. Even if guests dance for hours, it is easy to get hungry.

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