Terrigal – The Jewel of Central Coast NSW

Terrigal is a beautiful town on the Central Coast of New South Wales, and it is about 60 kilometres north of the capital, Sydney. Like many coastal Aussie towns, Terrigal is known for its surf, and its expanse of beaches are very popular with surfers and swimmers alike. It has a fresh, pleasant climate and rarely gets too hot or too cold.

The town was first claimed by a settler from Europe called John Gray in 1826, who named it after the local aboriginal word meaning ‘place of little birds’. The town has developed into a top holiday destination for travellers coming from Sydney.

Swimming, Eating and Hiking – Something for Everyone in Terrigal

As arguably the most popular tourist and holiday destination on the whole Central Coast, Terrigal offers many things to do, see and of course, eat! Among the town’s most popular offerings are:

  • Glorious beaches – Terrigal beach and Terrigal Haven are gorgeous, golden beaches flanked by the crystal blue of the Pacific Ocean.
  • The Skillion – A famous landmark with tourists and locals alike, The Skillion is a hill that rises above the beaches giving excellent coastal views of the area.
  • Restaurants – As a popular tourist destination, Terrigal has many excellent choices. If you are looking for a restaurant in Terrigal, consider some of the following popular haunts:
  • L’isle de France Terrigal – Popular and classy French restaurant with sea views that serves tried and tested classic dishes.
  • The Joker and the Thief – Post-modern dining at its best. By day it’s a light and open lunch spot and by night a moody, plush restaurant bar. You will be impressed.
  • The Cowrie – A modern Australian fine-dining restaurant that serves beautifully prepared food and a view to match.
  • Markets – if you visit the beachfront walkways of Terrigal on the first Saturday of each month, you can stroll through markets selling an assortment of jewellery, clothes, snacks, organic soaps and skincare products and wonderful local chutneys and relishes.
  • Distilleries and microbreweries- For gin and craft beer lovers, be sure to visit Six String Brewery and Distillery Botanica to taste and buy local craft beers and gins made from plants such as aniseed and lemon myrtle.

However long you have to spend in Terrigal, this charming little town will be sure to leave an impression on you.


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