What to Expect When Making Kansas City Style Barbeque Reservations

As a barbecue lover, you will want to openly express your loyalties to some regional barbecue styles. Just like other people, you may want to try the Kansas City style barbecue. Kansas City is the home of dry-rubbed barbecue drizzled in a delicious tomato-molasses sauce. Every smoke joint in the city has its own version of sticky, finger-licking condiment.

In today’s Kansas City barbecue restaurants, you can find ribs, brisket, chicken, and more served up next to side dishes like potato salad, coleslaw, and baked beans. A lot of locals love the sandwich of burnt ends. And while the city has some famous mass-marketed sauce, successful restaurants bottle and sell their own blends. In fact, it is one of the reasons why the city is on the map for good BBQ. Whether it is your first time making a reservation at a Kansas City barbecue joint or your second, here is what you can expect from your barbecue experience:

The Popularity of Kansas City Burnt Ends

This city-unique dish is made from the tips of smoked beef brisket. The chef often carves them off and puts them back into the smoker to achieve a flavorful char on the outside. You can order this from any joint that lays claim to the Kansas City name. You should not miss this option when making Kansas City style barbeque reservations, especially if you are new to this BBQ style. When you dine in, you can order burnt ends incorporated into side dishes like macaroni and cheese and poutine. In fact, some restaurants even incorporate them into their breakfast dishes with eggs. KC restaurants have made it easier to order BBQ served to your specifications.

How to Order

If you are new to the barbecue capital of the world, you must know the ins and outs of ordering Kansas City barbecue before you make your reservations or place an order. If you want to satisfy your taste buds, consider showing up early. Also, try to speak like a local. Some restaurants operate using a special language. Some of the baffling terms you can hear include “beef on bun, “smoke ring,” bark,” pig snoot sandwich,” and others. Then, don’t forget to order the staple of KC’s BBQ culture, the burnt ends.

To some people, the side dishes may be the star of their barbecue meal. Usually, these dishes offer the right complement to an already near-perfect meal. Some of the most popular dishes you can order at KC barbecue joints include baked beans, French fries, coleslaw, mac and cheese, cheesy corn, cheesy grits, onion rings, and more.


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